KASA v Kapse - Solution

KASA v Kapse (Cash register in your pocket) is a solution combinating Android app and web interface for managing app
  • Web interface is for managing app, setting menus and menu items, and reporting
  • Mobile App works as Cash register

MAin functions KASA v Kapse

KASA v Kapse works on Android mobile devices and in conjunction with our wireless printer turns your mobile device (phone or tablet) in the Cashier supporting EET.

KASA v KAPSE, android, apk , EET KASA, EET Pokladna

Main Screen
After login you choose branch (if you have more than one),you can select language (KASA v Kapse supports Czech, English, Vietnamese, Chinese)
KASA v KAPSE, android, apk , EET KASA, EET Pokladna

Klasická Kasa, EET , Klasická pokladna, pokladna pro mobil, pokladna android, android

Classic Cash register:
Allows you to enter each item only cost, or can be attributed to each item's name.

Item Chash register:
You are adding goods to bill by selecting item from your menu.
účtenky pro stoly, účet pro stůl, stoly, EET pokladny, EET Kasa android

Chash register for Tables / Rooms:
Opens and close accounts for the different tables / rooms in the your hotel / restaurant.You can see that table / room has an opened account.
If you have more Cash Registers in your Business, you can see opened accounts from each device. These are synchronised. So your Guest can add bill form restaurant to room account.

Web interface

Its web portal with which you setup your KASA v Kapse

EET, položky, položková kasa, položková pokladna, EET pokladna
  • Information about your company and branches (places of busienss).
  • Information which you recieve from Ministry of Finance for EET purposes.
  • Items and prices for your menu.
Afterwards you can download reports for your accountant or ERP system.
eet, třídění položek , položky v menu , stoly
This is the screen which is used for sorting items to your menu. It is drag and drop.


Sulution KASA v Kapse is subscription based product.
Functions are aviable by level of your subscription.
There is no contract, you recieve services until you pay your subscription,
when you stop your account is decreased on FREE level.