KASA v Kapse - Basic

If you need fill mandatory duty EET and also you don't want make huge investment its right choice for you.

Suitable for:
  • All small business
  • Retailers
  • Sellers of refreshment
  • Small and mid sized workshops (bakery, candy stores, butchers)
  • Craftsman

Solution KASA v Kapse will do everything for you. Send mandatory cash reprot to Ministry of Finance and print bill.
During first run si necessary to input all your mandatory data requred by ministry of fiannce.

Solution Package - KASA v Kapse Basic contains:
  • Classic Cash register: Allows you to enter each item only cost, or can be attributed to each item's name.
  • Item Chash register: You are adding goods to bill by selecting item from your menu.
  • Setup of your advertizing text for your bills.
  • Support up to 3 users under your account
  • Exports and reports for your accountants and ERP systems

Package content:
Wireless bill printer:
  • case for wearing
  • Rechargeble battery
  • User gude
  • Testing paper roll
  • Cables USB a COMM
  • CD with drivers
  • Charger
Software KASA v Kapse Basic ( Read more about KASA v Kapse )

  • Android APK
  • Login to Web interface
    • ERP reports
    • Summary
    • Setup EET
  • User Guide

3 777 CZK without VAT
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